Wrapping Up In Style

Today was the last day of my exhibition at Peter Wahlbeck’s gallery here in town. Up until now I had sold one painting, which is not what I had hoped for but over the course the these past weeks I have met several other artists and gotten more knowledgeable about the art scene here. This afternoon when I came into the gallery Peter pointed out another red dot on the wall, another painting had been sold. And there is a good possibility that another one will be bought by the same person. Things were looking up already. Here is the red dot to prove it.

ImageAnd the full painting itself. This was probably my favorite of all the ones I did.



A short time later a man came in and started looking around. We began talking and then he told me that he wanted to buy another painting, and he did! More good news.



And the full painting:



Here is the buyer with Peter in front of his purchase:

ImageAs we talked more about our lives, the man found out that I am a ghostwriter and later on he approached me about writing a story of his life, which seems to have been very interesting and so it looks like I will have another book to do soon, which is perfect timing since Mariette and I are doing the proofread of the last book I wrote and I would soon need more work. 

Opportunities seem to be coming my way. Our landlord approached me recently to do paintings for the showroom of his business, a granite company specializing in monuments for gravesites as well as granite counter tops. He has a nice big space that is just begging for some nice large abstract paintings to dress up its bare walls.



To top it off, the weather has been, in the words of a neighbor, “This is why we live in Sweden.” The entire month of May nearly the whole country was sunny and warm with only occasional rain showers to keep things growing. In other words, it has been perfect here and June started off just as good. 

I have to say that connecting up with Pete Wahlbeck has been a good move on my part. Last week Peter did a City Walk around town where he takes a group around and talks about various points of interest and gets the crowd laughing while learning about Halmstad. 


ImageAfter the walk he showed me an add that ran in one of the papers for the exhibition:

ImageThen we went over to the biggest dairy in the area where there was a kind of garden fair happening. It turns out that Peter is involved in a company that has a novel way of sinking fence posts without digging holes and pouring cement. Anyway, here are some shots of the fair. I should have taken more photos. Sorry.



Here is  the old manor of the nobleman who owned the land around as far as one can see. Today it is a restaurant and administrative offices of the dairy, I think.


And this is Swedish advertising for smoked wild boar meat.


Overall, it has been a memorable month with a visit to the U.S., Prada’s stellar showing at her exhibition and a successful exhibition with 3 sales and two more likely to happen after the show closes, not to mention half a dozen new contacts in the art community of Halmstad. Oh, and perfect weather.

Damn, I like living here.






2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up In Style

  1. This is really good news to hear. I finally reached escape velocity from Sacramento; and on a 100+ degree day.. needless to say, I won’t miss the heat.

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