Cloud formations over Halmstad

Walking the dogs this morning I noticed some interesting “cloud” formations.


There is no way these can be vapor trails because I see these often and they dissipate

within 2 or 3 minutes.  But these “clouds” tend to hang around and then spread out wide over an area.



This next one is possibly the most interesting cloud I have ever seen in my life:


Look at the angle on that thing. It looks like a knife edge.


Hours later they were still hanging around. If these are vapor trails there must be absolutely zero wind at 30,000 feet today.


Not sure what those puffy things are but I think that’s what used to be known as clouds. The other things I don’t think were seen before around 1997 or so. Not in all recorded history, even though jets had existed for 50 years before.

Maybe these chemtrails conspiracy nutjobs are onto something.


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