Moving to Sweden is Moving

Just a quick note to let anyone following this blog that in a couple days the name of my blog will change from to I have been assured by the good folks at WordPress that I will still be able to post blog updates and people will still be able to follow our adventures or whatnot at that location. 

The fact is that during our first year here I did a new post about 2 days out of every 3 but in this second year I had already been there and done that, so I did new posts only about every 2 weeks, if that. 

Anyone interested will still be able to follow the blog by clicking the follow button, or maybe if you are following it will automatically transfer you to the newly named location

This change occurs just as there is going to be some interesting stuff happening here in Halmstad beginning tomorrow, 1 July. This whole next week is SM Vecka here, meaning Swedish Championship Week in a whole bunch of different sports and activities. The national championships from Badminton to Windsurfing and everything in between will be taking place throughout the week. I plan to catch as much as I can and hopefully will take some interesting photos worth posting. I mean, aren’t people interested in seeing who is crowned the Swedish tug of war champions? Or the roller derby champs? How about bocce ball? No, well then, how about frisbee? Model airplanes? Or real air acrobatics? 

Stay tuned.


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