Weekend in Bohuslän

We just returned from a fabulous weekend in a part of the country we had not visited before. About 100 miles north of Halmstad is an archipelago called Bohuslän. Named after a Norwegian castle from the Middle Ages, the archipelago consists of around 3,000 islands and 5,000 smaller islets that jut out into the North Sea. An old friend of Mariette’s invited us up for the weekend and we had a blast.

First, here are Anca and her husband Magnus along with Prada and me.Image

They are laid back Swedes, which is not unusual when your taxes go to programs that take a lot of stress out of everyone’s lives. We drove up on Friday and stayed at their house which is on the island of Orust, the largest in the archipelago



Your typical beautiful, comfortable Swedish house. It was build in the late 1600s but the only part of the original house still there is a wall under the stairs. We should have taken some pictures of the inside. Oh, well.


Views of the nearby lake and surrounds.



After a Image

After a super seafood dinner and enjoyable conversation, we spent Saturday sightseeing around the island.



This was a resort area about a mile and a half from where we were staying. You can imagine why Swedes get so happy during summer, especially one like this where it has been nice for 2 1/2 months now, which is unheard of as far as I  know.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThen we drove to the other side of the island to a fishing village called Möllesund. Notice the freshly painted buildings.

ImageIn fact, it looked to me that every building in the town had been painted within the last couple of years. There must be a city ordinance at work here or the city fathers embarked on a tourist attraction campaign to spruce the place up or something. It really impressed me at least. Möllesund is a really pretty fishing village.





After another fabulous Swedish summer grill fest we headed back this morning and happened upon a caravan of classic cars, which are quite popular in Sweden, towing some classic camper trailers. They pulled into the same gas station as we did and I got some shots. These campers are the real old style trailers and you would be amazed when you see them opened up how much more is in there besides a sleeping pad. 



Seeing these lovingly restored and maintained vehicles put the cherry on top of a fabulous weekend as well as a pleasant distraction from the fact that gas is 9 bucks a gallon here. Not even that can take the edge of this summer, though. And the forecast is for continued happy weather! I must remember to pinch myself.




3 thoughts on “Weekend in Bohuslän

    • Yeah, there are many many beautiful places in this beautiful country. We haven’t traveled too much since we moved here permanently two years ago but before then we had seen more of Sweden than even many Swedes (I think).

  1. I love your photos! I just found your blog and I always enjoy reading blogs about foreigners who come to Sweden :). Bohuslän is beautiful and very particular. I live quite close but further from the sea in the next region.

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