Comment from a reader

This blog apparently has a wider readership than I thought. I made a crack in my last post about chemtrails and it drew a comment from an interesting source today. Here is a screenshot of the comment:


Someone by the name of Ariel, with a logo no less, took issue with my chemtrails crack and purports to show me the error of my humor. Hmmmm. That logo looked familiar. Sure enough, Ariel is a brand of laundry detergent here in Sweden. In fact we have two boxes of it sitting in our bathroom/laundry room right this moment.

I have no idea why a laundry manufacturer is reading my blog in the first place. In the second place why is “Ariel” referring me to a link that supposedly explains why some people think chemtrails are just a different form of contrails. From a purely logic standpoint, this information is coming from a wrong source. It should not be coming from a washing powder manufacturer but more appropriately from the Ministry of Jet Exhaust here in Sweden. (They have a ministry of gender equality here, why not one for jet exhaust equality too.)

Ariel provides a link with some interesting information about contrails which I checked out and whoever wrote it gives a compelling explanation for why some contrails disappear in a minute while others last all day. For anyone interested, the link is:

Again, more fallacious logic from Ariel. The writer of the link fails to address the notion that while the information given in his article may be perfectly valid, his argument does not close the door on the possibility that there might be other things in the sky coming out of airplanes as well. Nor does the link address this little goody that is all over the internet: a purported USAF chemistry manual from 1990 on the subject of, you guessed it, chemtrails. Here is a sceenshot of the cover:


Now, if this is a bogus manual, I still have to give the people who put it together applause for duplicating the design sense of the U.S: military circa 1990. This thing looks like the catalogue where I used to buy rockets when I was a kid from Estes Industries in Colorado. Anyway, this manual looks and reads like the real deal, all about chemistry with charts, tables and formulas. Here is the link so anyone interested can download the manual and break out your basement lab equipment:

You can read both links and make up your own mind. I personally don’t know what to think but these things are appearing in our skies more and more frequently and I have heard no plausible explanation. I have not even heard a debate about the subject, but I nor anyone else I know ever saw these chemtrails before the 1990s, it might be interesting to know just what is going on in our skies.

Thanks for your comment, Ariel. You make a good laundry detergent!